We provide a complete range of solutions for a broad spectrum of industries. Our solutions are easy to install and easy to adapt to changing needs.

Factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities often contain valuable assets; therefore it’s important to have an efficient security and surveillance system to protect your property and assets and monitor the manufacturing process.

  • Automatic alerts when someone enters the perimeter or a restricted area
  • Night-vision and thermal images
  • HDTV-quality video images with exceptional level of detail
  • Real-time access to live and recorded images
  • Easy-to install, outdoor-ready cameras

All commercial premises should have a security and surveillance system to secure valuable assets and monitor the workplace.

  • Improve job performance and productivity
  • Theft and fraud prevention
  • Manage insurance claims

A retail often contains valuable products; hence it’s important to have a security and surveillance system to prevent any theft, and have a better customer service.

  • Improve the profitability of your retail outlet
  • Improve staff security and performance
  • Manage your insurance claims
  • And at the same time provide even better service for your customers

Public safety and security is an important issue, both citizens and government officials wish for a daily life without having to face immediate threats and criminal actions.

  • Create a safer environment for your population and tourists
  • Capture HDTV quality video of all accidents and crimes, thus shortening investigation time
  • Minimize the costs of vandalism
  • Maintain social control and law enforcement

Video surveillance is not only about improving your protection against robberies. It is also about providing a secure environment for your staff and customers. A security and surveillance system will enable you to:

  • Create a future-proof, flexible and cost-efficient surveillance system
  • Monitor multiple branches from a central or mobile location, and rapidly verify and respond to alarms
  • Capture HDTV quality video of all incidents, thus shortening investigation time
  • Stay one step ahead of violence and fraud

Far too often we hear about educational facilities that have been exposed to vandalism, violence or burglary. Protecting your children and teachers will create a healthier environment.

  • Increase the security for students and staff
  • Prevent violence and theft
  • Minimize the costs for vandalism
  • Investigate incidents and identify suspects

Improve your healthcare facility by closely monitoring your patients for even a quicker response to incidents.

  • Effectively monitor critical areas such as emergency rooms, psychiatry departments and restricted areas
  • Prevent break-ins and dishonest insurance claims
  • Quickly evaluate incidents and take appropriate actions

Have a safer environment and monitor your staff for a more efficient transportation schedule.

  • Create a safer transportation environment
  • Reduce costs for vandalism and graffiti
  • Efficiently monitor cargo and property
  • Reduce incident response times
  • Increase staff performance
  • Quickly decide the correct incident response

Create a secure environment for your people, and fight crimes and vandalism.

  • Efficiently protect citizens and property
  • Enhance the city image
  • Reduce vandalism costs
  • Reduce investigation times

Whether it’s a governmental site or a private one, protect your site from any irregularities, crimes and theft. Monitor the daily construction process.

  • Non-stop day-and-night monitoring of construction site
  • High Definition live recording
  • Recorded video presented as exhibit in court
  • Monitor multiple sites from a central or mobile location, and rapidly verify and respond to alarms


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