Marketing Specialist


  • 1.Assist in establishing the marketing strategy preparation and coordination.
  • 2.Implement the product and service positioning and promotional strategies and plans.
  • 3.Initiating and managing competitor research and analysis projects.
  • 4.Establish accurate market survey and market positioning reports.
  • 5.Analysing product costs among the market, through accurate marketing research strategy.
  • 6.Maintain customers feedback reports.
  • 7.providing and supporting marketing and product development recommendations and advice to senior management within the commercial business units.
  • 8.Assists with researching, designing, writing and proofreading of marketing and public informational pieces including brochures, newsletters, press releases, annual reports, print ads, flyers, posters, postcards, web banners, ensuring consistent branding of the company.
  • 9.Work with local advertising agencies on marketing and advertising plans as required.
  • 10.Assists with writing and editing of promotional literature, newsletters, direct marketing, and Internet marketing projects.
  • 11.Execute the day to day delivery of email marketing campaigns, e-newsletters, invitations etc.
  • 12.Handling all the marketing campaigns and the PR events related to the company and follow up all related events.
  • 13.Update and maintain content on Intranet forums and library documents as requested.
  • 14.Identifying and filtering customers’ potential according to the data gathered from the sales force.
  • 15.Maintain accurate data entry of important information (customers potential, fact base).
  • 16.Comfortable in tele-conversing for gathering information and establishing.


  • -Reporting directly to the Marketing Manager.
  • -Handles the supplier in all advertising issues.
  • -Co-ordinate with clients, internal teams and external vendors as necessary


  • -Experience in Marketing for 2 to 3 years in similar position.
  • -High pro-active verbal and written communication skills.
  • -Strong Presentation and Negotiation skills.
  • -Self motivated and self assurance capabilities.
  • -Creative and innovative capabilities.
  • -Flexible with strong ability to become a change driver.
  • -Significant attention to the commercial details.
  • -Good command of English.

I have reviewed and determined that this job description accurately reflects the position


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