We offer the most advanced security systems for different sectors. Providing high technology outdoor and indoor security systems with their different applications that will instantly detect intruders before they can reach or gain access to valuable assets, through an intelligent notification system via email, SMS, or voice command messages.

Outdoor Solutions
  • - Infrared Beams
  • - Microwave Barriers
  • - Strain-Sensitive Intrusion Detection System
  • - Outdoor Motion Detector
Indoor Solutions
  • - Motion, Pressure, Glass break, Heat, Smoke, Gas, & Water Leaks Sensors
  • - Magnetic Contacts
  • - Sirens
  • - Laser beams

Our complete coverage surveillance system with its 24/7 live recording documentation (enabled by a customized backend system), provides the highest level of security and protection. With indoor and outdoor IP and analog cameras spread around, security personnel can monitor and stay in sync with every activity taking place in both, standard and high definitions, using any smart device (Mobiles or Tablets), or PCs.

  • - Indoor and Outdoor Fixed/PTZ Cameras
  • - Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)
  • - Central Monitoring Systems (CMS)

Access control is the final step to secure any premises. Various systems can be used to selectively restrict the access of unauthorized vehicles or people to a certain place or area, allowing better control and security.

  • - Automatic Flap Barriers
  • - Fingerprint Locks
  • - Fingerprint Time Attendance System
  • - Turnstiles
  • - Smart Card Readers
    • Magnetic Cards
    • RFID Chips
  • - License Plate Recognition Cameras
  • - Guard Tour Patrol


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