Our Solutions


Deglatech offers the most advanced security systems for different sectors. We provide high-end security systems with different outdoor and indoor applications, ranging from simple beams and detectors, analog and digital surveillance systems, to fully automated access control systems that will instantly detect any fire hazards and intruders before they can reach or gain access to valuable assets and limit the access to any premises or areas to authorized vehicles and personnel only.


Deglatech provides audio/video solutions that enhance the convenience and reliability of your premises. We offer Master Antenna Television (MATV) systems giving you the ability to distribute optimized TV signals from a single antenna system to a number of TV outlets, analog and digital telephony systems, connecting more than one telephone line to several internal extensions, and public address systems that provides you with an audio distribution system for public announcements, background music, and alarm interfacing.


Whether you are around your premises or around the globe, we make it easy for you to monitor and control its safety and security, ensuring that everything is under control and your valuable assets are always protected. Now all the solutions are interconnected and their systems are integrated. You can monitor and control them from anywhere in the world using any smart device (Smart Phones and Tablets), or using PCs and keypads.


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